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If you are on the search for a professional and reliable cleaning service in the Loomis, CA area, then Meticulosity Cleaning is the company you should contact. One of the best cleaning teams in the city, we offer affordable professional cleaning services to both homeowners and businesses.

Whether you are looking for your office or business premises to be clean to an exceptionally high standard, require a one-off deep clean, or move out clean, we can help you out. One of our specialists is sales prep cleaning for real estate agents. We will come in and get any property ready for viewings.  

To find out more about how we can help you with our professional cleaning services in the Loomis area, get in contact today. Our friendly customer service team will be more than happy to talk you through the options open to you, the kind of services that might suit your needs best, and even offer quotes. 

Keeping your home or business clean and sanitary is a big responsibility. It can be difficult to balance your personal responsibilities with regular cleaning. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has made sanitation more important than ever. That’s why Meticulosity Cleaning offers residential and commercial cleaning services in Loomis, Rocklin and Roseville, CA. Our cleaning company will keep your home or office sanitary so you can focus on other things.

Call 916-410-4740 now or fill out a form to learn more about our COVID-19 disinfectant services. Our team uses a proprietary, all-natural fogging product that neutralizes COVID as well as 99.9% of all other mico-organisms and can keep surfaces free from the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 for up to 60 days.


At Meticulosity Cleaning, we provide standard cleaning services and specialty disinfectant services. Our friendly staff can help you determine which is right for your home or business. Count on us for:

  • Home cleaning services
  • Commercial cleaning services
  • Move-out cleaning services
  • Carpet cleaning services
  • Deep cleaning services

Whether you’re looking for help keeping your home clean every week or assistance cleaning out a rental home, our crew can get the job done right. Call Meticulosity Cleaning Service in Loomis or Rocklin, CA at (916) 417-4740 or fill out a form to our cleaning company for a quote.

About Us

As one of the best cleaning companies in the Loomis, CA area, Meticulosity Cleaning offers a wide range of cleaning services to suit your own budget and unique needs. This includes all home, commercial property, move-out, carpet, and deep cleaning. Contact our team if you are looking for a cleaning service of unparalleled quality for extremely competitive prices in and around the Loomis area.

With many years of working experience within the industry, our team understands only too well how easy it is for all those tasks you keep putting off to build up and become difficult to deal with, especially when you have all your other commitments and responsibilities to focus on too. As cleaning experts, well versed in all disciplines, methods, and techniques, we also have professional-grade equipment, tools, and solutions at our disposal to produce truly spectacular results.


We will take all the stress and worry out of cleaning by taking responsibility for it. Our comprehensive range of professional cleaning services is designed to cater to a wide scope of different clients and customers. 


Home cleaning services

Home may be where the heart is, but if it’s not properly clean, you won’t want it to be there anymore. As a team of busy professionals ourselves, we know how hard it can be to juggle a lot of different commitments and that is why you are unable to give your house the attention it really needs. That’s where Meticulosity Cleaning comes in because we can give it the time and effort it needs. Don’t fret or worry one second more about any of your cleaning and leave it to us. Whatever suits your schedule or budget, we can deliver a professional house cleaning service for less than our best rivals. 

Commercial cleaning services

When it comes to your business premises, cleanliness and hygiene are important for several reasons. As well as wanting to provide the most comfortable and safe environment for you and your staff to work efficiently, if you are a client- or customer-facing business and welcome visitors to your office or workplace regularly, you will want to ensure the place is cleaned to a high standard. The last thing you want is to give any interested customers and clients, contractors, or even shareholders a bad impression of who you are and what you are all about. With Meticulosity Cleaning’s help, you don’t need to worry about that, as we will clean everything from the offices and desks to the bathrooms and kitchen/break areas and reception to ensure your professional reputation remains intact. 

Carpet cleaning services a woman mapping the floor - top view
Move-out cleaning services three person cleaning

Move-out cleaning services

There are a lot of stressors related to moving out, a lot of them you can’t really control. Whether it’s the ups, downs, pitfalls, and perils of looking for a new place to live if your tenancy is not being renewed, or if you are trying to sell your home. The last thing you want to deal with on top of all that is cleaning up your property so that it meets your landlord’s requirements, so you can get your deposit back, or making it look as sparkling clean as you can to secure a sale. Rather than putting yourself through all that, why not hire our skilled and experienced one-time cleaning team. 

Sale Prep for Real Estate Agents

If you are putting your property up on the market and are preparing it for the many viewing from potential buyers or are a real estate agent who wants to get a property up to spec before putting it on the market, we can help you out. This service is one of our specialities. We will come in and give your property a deep and thorough clean from top to bottom, so that it is viewing ready, increasing the chances of it selling.

Deep cleaning services a woman cleaning the kitchen

Deep cleaning services

Are you constantly busy and find little time to devote to bringing your home up to a good standard of cleanliness? There’s nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about. We understand that everyone’s situation is different and what’s possible for one person or household is not for another. Therefore, if you are just looking for a one-off cleaning service and want a thorough, deep clean of your property from top to bottom, give Meticulosity Cleaning a call. Whether the in-laws are coming to stay, or you are just looking to ease your mind, we can help. 

Post-Construction Clean Up

If you are having renovation work carried out on your property or are the company carrying out the work, you may be concerned about the amount of mess that will be left after the work is finished. At Meticulosity Cleaning, we can help ease your concerns. We offer post-construction clean up services in and around the Loomis, CA area, for properties of all sizes. We will clean the entire property from top to bottom, leaving no trace that the building teams and other tradesmen were ever there.



Our Disinfection fogging neutralizes COVID as well as 99.9% of all other
microorganisms for up to 60 days

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Whether you are a homeowner or business owner looking for a professional cleaning team you can trust in Loomis or the surrounding areas, contact Meticulosity Cleaning today. We will be happy to discuss your needs and arrange to visit your property to give you a more accurate quote. Our team of professional and friendly customer service agents is just waiting to hear from you. 


Meticulosity Cleaning is a woman-owned business located in Loomis, CA, serving Rocklin, Roseville, CA and the Greater Sacramento Area. We
have more that 16 years experience in the cleaning and disinfection. All of our products are carefully formulated to effectively clean and disinfect
your enviromnent.

If you’re looking for long-lasting protection from COVID-19 and other illnesses, contact our cleaning company in Loomis, Rocklin or Roseville, CA
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