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Post-Construction Clean Up

Post Construction Clean up. If you are planning on or currently having construction work carried out on your property, you will have many concerns and worries about the project. Along with issues like whether or not the project is going to be completed within the agreed upon time and budget, it’s likely you will be concerned about the state of the property once the construction team have finished.

While some contractors are meticulous with their approach to cleaning up after themselves, some are less efficient. It’s not necessarily a fault on their part. After all, you are hiring them for their proficiency in designing, blueprinting, and carrying out construction work, whether it’s a renovation or complete rebuild.

However, the last thing you want when they have finished everything is to go back home and have to deal with the frustration of finding remnants of their presence in your property. Even if it’s only tiny marks here and there or bits of sawdust that they just haven’t caught when finishing up, it can stop you from enjoying the fruits of their labor fully.

Fortunately, at Meticulosity Cleaning, we have the solution in our post-construction clean up service. Following any work carried out on your property, we can come out and our experienced and highly skilled cleaners will go through every part of the building and clean each room from top to bottom.

By the time we are finished, there will be no trace that the builders were even there.

For more information about our post-construction clean up service in the Loomis, CA area, contact Meticulosity Cleaning today.

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