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Sale Prep for Real Estate Agents

Are you looking to put your house on the market to sell it? Maybe you are a real estate agent representing a homeowner in the same situation? Even if the property is cleaned regularly and kept in relatively good condition, it may not have that professional finish that really shows it in the best light. That’s when you need Meticulosity Cleaning. There are always those little touches and areas of properties that most people don’t think to clean at all or use the right methods and tools.

Our sale prep for real estate agents is an area of commercial cleaning that we specialize in. When you hire us for this service, we will come out to your property, assess the work that needs done and carry it out within the agreed upon schedule.

Everything will be taken care of, from the top to the bottom of each room, we will dust, vacuum, wipe, scrub, sweep, mop, polish and make everything look like it was brand new. We know how pernickety house hunters can be when they are looking for their next home.

One of our biggest strengths as a Loomis, CA professional cleaning company is that we pay close attention to even the finest of details. Those little water marks that only someone with a magnifying glass is likely to find, we will take care of, those smudges on a fairly inconspicuous section of wooden flooring or that little mark in the corner, where you think no one can see it.

Speak to one of our team today for more information how Meticulosity Cleaning can help you with our sale prep for real estate agents services in and around the Loomis, CA area.

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